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Nurture & Intervention

Our main focus is on using the power of ‘Outdoor Education’ to nurture students or intervene where they face barriers to accessing their education.

Our vision helps develop students’ resilience, enabling them to problem-solve and deal positively with challenges in the future, and overcome barriers to success; low self-esteem or confidence issues and struggling to communicate effectively. Help is provided at every step of the way to plan and organise the programmes, and written reports are provided for each session delivered, along with photographic and video evidence where parental permission has been granted.

In addition, our staff have extensive experience in providing programmes for individual and small group intervention to support the most severe emotional issues.

Our Outdoor Education programmes have had significant impact on students with proven results, view our testimonials for more information.

We provide tried and tested programmes for a range of different needs. We have achieved superb results and witnessed dramatic improvements in children’s mental wellbeing, resilience and social skills. Our experience and knowledge means that

we are able to adapt our programmes to ensure that each individual thrives.

If you want to discuss the potential benefits of our nurture courses for your students please get in contact with us or Click on the links below for details and costs.


Programme Overview


The programmes we provide seek to create a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment that promotes success. The programmes are adapted to the group and within that group, also recognise individual needs. Our aim is to take students out of their comfort zones, then ensure they succeed, which makes us different. Yes, sometimes we push through the odd tear! This can only be achieved by using very experienced staff who are able to make dynamic judgements as the activity progresses. As a teacher or support worker you are also given the opportunity to really get to know your students and make that essential bond, which makes all the difference when back at school, college or base.

Participating in the programmes will increase their self-confidence, motivation, improve their resilience and help develop a more positive outlook.

Look here to see some of our recommended criteria for inclusion.

We achieve this through the provision of high quality, student centred, outdoor adventure activities that are relevant to each student’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP) as well as being safe and enjoyable, and delivered by committed staff. The wide variety of activities we provide are incorporated into our unique ‘journey’ approach and it is this aspect of our provision that really needs to be emphasised. Many so-called ‘adventure activity providers’ actually only offer basic, centre-based, ‘sanitised adventure’ making it very easy for students to simply opt out at the first sign of apprehension. Our ‘journey’ model of adventure activity means individual activities and challenges are faced as part of an ongoing journey and must be completed to progress on, thus ensuring much greater participation and success.

We deliver programmes across all key stages and on into Further Education. Our programmes are delivered in small group sizes, usually of about eight students. These smaller group sizes coupled with the experience and special approach from our staff, means that all students are able to gain something from the programmes we provide.

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We offer a range of programmes. Click on the links below for details and costs.

GCSE & A level


We provide courses and assessment in a range of activities for GCSE & A-level Physical Education. We can help students achieve the best possible practical marks using OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activities).

All of our courses are linked to syllabuses such as AQA, OCR and Edexcel currently used by schools. We are able to support teachers make an accurate assessment and assist with producing video evidence. We can offer intensive courses that cover the teaching and assessment of the practical skills required for OAA activities as well as one day refresher courses.

We have a proven track record of helping to raise student attainment through these courses and as a result have been endorsed by many schools who return to us each year.

For GCSE rock climbing we use a variety of locations including indoor facilities but where possible favour outdoor venues. We can also provide the NICAS award that is supported by Edexcel. We can also deliver and assess kayaking, canoeing as well as archery for both GCSE and A level PE. We use local venues and provide all the necessary equipment needed.

National Navigator Award Scheme (NNAS)

We offer the Bronze and Silver levels of the NNAS (National Navigator Award Scheme), which is an award scheme that teaches candidates the navigator’s basic skills before progressing through more advanced techniques which would give successful candidates the confidence to find their way through many areas of the UK and abroad.

As well as this, we offer their junior award scheme, the YNAS (Young Navigator Award Schemes) Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, which are aimed at KS2 students and can be run largely in school grounds or local areas such as parks.

National Indoor Climbing Wall Awards

Using local affiliated climbing walls, we offer NICAS awards at all 5 levels which foster a candidate’s abilities from novice through to the highest levels of skills required for comparative indoor wall climbing.

Thematic Education

At EDGE-ucation, we use our experience as qualified teachers, having worked in the primary and secondary sector, to help you formulate and deliver a sequence of lessons across the curriculum linked by one common focus ‘Outdoor Adventurous Activity’ (OAA) event. This ‘Thematic Education’ style of teaching gives students a ‘reason to learn’, teaching them relevant and valuable transferable skills.

Thematic learning is a way of teaching where many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme. This model incorporates the method of ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ to encourage students to see and seek relationships between information and facts from various sources both inside, and outside of the classroom.

It is based around a common project or ‘theme’ in order to give it a practical relevance and to enhance the standard curriculum content in a practical problem-solving way. The model encourages students to think around a subject and allows them to transfer skills. The model is easily differentiated across a broad range of abilities.

We are able to work with a school to develop and deliver a module over almost any period of time, but in our experience is best delivered over periods ranging from one week to a whole term. Following an in-service training element for involved staff and a period of ongoing support and advice the school is left to deliver the ‘Theme’ within the classroom and school grounds until the ‘GRAND FINALE’.

Whilst each programme is bespoke, a typical programme might look like this: –