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Adventure Days


Have a look here at some of our classic adventure days. Choose a ‘Bash and Dash’ for a taste of many activities on a smaller scale, ideal for younger groups who like to keep on the move and don’t like to wait ! May be a full day of water, ‘Wet and Wild’ if getting wet is what you’re looking for.

Click on any of the picture collages below for a link with more details of each day and costs

‘When experiencing adventure, you don’t always know the outcome’

We offer real adventure, not sanitised adventure. We focus on the journey aspect of Outdoor Adventure to create a sense of challenge and achievement…. We don’t use artificial environments or fake smiles….

A range of activities in outdoor adventure are available including:

· Rock climbing, single and multi-pitch adventures.

· Abseiling.

· Scrambling.

· Kayaking.

· Canoeing.

· Raft making.

· Group Development.

· Woodland Education.

· Orienteering.

· Mountain challenges.

· Expeditions on land.

· Expeditions on water.

· Zip lines.

· Gorge walking.

· Sea Level Traversing.

· Camp craft.

· Wild cooking.